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Dating guide for Eastern European Ladies

If you are interested in meeting American men there are a few very important things you need to know. Not all Americans are the same. Some of us might even say not all Americans are American. There are different types which we recognize quickly but others may not. Just like most Americans can not recognize a gypsy when they encounter one in Europe. To avoid serious problems you should be aware of the following types of Americans.

The Black or Negro is the most important type to beware of. They prefer to be called African Americans or simply Blacks. 50 years ago it was acceptable to call them Colored or Negro but today these terms are out of fashion. I use the term Negro because it is a form of resistance. These people are very sensitive about their culture. You should not try to talk to them about black issues. If you do they may become angry or they will just tell you about hardships and how they were victims of discrimination. Most of these hardship stories are false and are used to gain sympathy.

We must pretend that we do not know that Negroes are different. Initially they will be very, very nice. Too nice; and at the same time very pushy. They may not take no for an answer if they are rejected. The Negro will persist, and persist some more, until their target becomes quit annoyed or angry with them and then they will continue to persist. In America very few white people will get angry with a Negro because they are afraid to be seen as racist. You must never let a Negro get you in a place where nobody can see you. The nicest Negro will suddenly turn into a raving madman when he is alone with you and does not get what he wants. It is best to minimize any conversation with them. If one of them asks you what your name is you can either ignore him, or say that you want to protect your privacy and don't give out that information. If you need to answer him do so very quickly and respectfully. You should look at the Negro directly during your brief talk with him, but do not smile at them under any circumstances. If you do so you will never get rid of him. Do not look at a Negro you may encounter on the street, they may become offended that you notice they are different. Or, in a worse case, they may think you find them attractive.

In America many Negroes will try to have as many children as possible with different women. This is almost like a sport among some blacks. They will promise a woman anything. They will say that they are expecting to get a lot of money soon. They will spend what little money they have to impress a woman. After the woman has a child they leave and move on to the next victim and will only visit when they have nothing better to do or when they need money. They will laugh and brag about this to their friends who are also playing the game. The fact that they have completely ruined a woman's life is not important to them. You must assume that whatever they say is a lie. Negroes are the best liars because they feel no guilt, shame or remorse; these emotions are for a more sophisticated being.

There are several documented cases in which Negroes with AIDS have deliberately seduced dozens of white women just to do harm to white society. Effectively killing women just for fun.

The most famous Negro killer is O.J. Simpson. He was a rich football player and he even starred in a few movies; quit a famous personality. Most blacks who say they are wealthy are lying, but he really was rich. He found a beautiful white woman and stuck her two black children. After he divorced her he wanted to have sex with many other women but insisted that his ex-wife could not see other men. She disobeyed him and on the evening of June 12, 1994 he killed her and the man she was with. There were 9 blacks on the jury and so he was found not guilty and is a free and wealthy man today. Oddly enough he has no trouble finding stupid white women to date.

Hispanics, as with the Negro they can be very charming at first. But once they feel that you belong to them things change. They are not known for treating their women well. In South America some of them kill or disfigure women when they are done with them. Officially this is illegal but it is quietly condoned and the law is only enforced in the most serious cases.

Jews are also a group to take note of. Many of them are normal decent people. However, about half of them are very demeaning, domineering, rude, selfish, people. In Eastern Europe this may not be true because of many years of oppression under communist rule (which they helped bring about). But in America, Western Europe and Israel it is different. It is best to let them be with their own people who are best at understanding their practices and tricks. Many Jews prefer to marry their own people to keep their culture alive. Such people just use others for their own pleasure and one can never expect any respect from them because they believe that their culture is better than everyone else's. Jews should try to survive as a distinct and unique people and so should we. For more information on the benefits of preserving different cultures see www.PerpetualDiversity.com.

Arabs and/or Muslims are increasing their numbers in the United States and sadly enough Europe as well. Some of them even change their names to avoid easy detection. They tend to be manipulative and uncaring people slightly worse than the bad Jews. Similarly, good Muslims are not as good as the good Jews. Good or bad, it is best to avoid them. Some Muslims interpret the Koran as saying that it is acceptable to lie to and rape non-Muslims.

Italians are acceptable only if in the upper class. The darker or greasy Italians are to be avoided. They are similar to Jews and Arabs, perhaps not as bad because they are less capable of being devious. Sometimes they can be very charming but if they have no need for you they become mean and uncaring.

Men who have long hair or wear too much jewelry are usually not good either.

It is very difficult for you to determine how much money a man has. Some rich men will seem to be poor because they are concerned with costs and try to save money whenever they can. Some poor men will act like they are rich and spend more than they should; the blacks often do this, which explains why many of them are poor. Money should not be an issue when choosing a partner for life. You will not get money from a rich man because he will have a smart lawyer who knows all of the ways to protect his money. Find someone that you enjoy being with, someone you really love.