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The Center for Perpetual Diversity offers the following services:


If you or someone you know needs counseling with regards to cultural issues someone at the Center can help. For a fee of $75/hr a member will listen and give advice over the phone. The fee is $100/hr plus expenses if travel is involved. We can help people who are involved in inter-racial relationships either professional or personal. Our service is particularly important for those considering inter-racial adoptions or marriages or forcing a child to attend a culturally diverse school. We are not licensed psychologists or Counselors.

The Center for Perpetual Diversity recommends that you take a racial bias test developed by Harvard researchers. If the results show that you have moderate or extreme bias in favor of whites, you are OK. If you get any other result you could be at greater risk of being cheated, robbed, raped and even murdered (based on U. S. crime statistics). To reduce your risk the Center for Perpetual Diversity recommends counseling. Email us to set up an appointment. Email us to set up an appointment.

Click here to take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test


If your company is having problems related to racism or cultural diversity we can help. There are quite a few lawyers and/or organizations that specialize in civil rights shakedowns. The most notorious of them is Jesse Jackson and his organization. I recommend reading Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson by Kenneth R. Timmerman. The book explains how Jesse Jackson uses cries of racism to steal from individuals, corporations, and our government. The author cracked Jackson's machine, found Jackson cronies willing to talk, and uncovered a sordid tale of naked greed, ambition, and corruption from a self-proclaimed minister who is always willing to hurt American race relations for personal gain.

Such 'civil rights' groups will approach a company and claim some sort of discrimination is taking place and demand a pay off. They rarely take the case to court, but rather use the threat of boycott and bad publicity to scare the corporate victim.

Don't cave in!!! Call us first. For a fee of $200/hr, the Director of the Center for Perpetual Diversity will advise your company on how to handle the situation. Email us.

Estate Planning

When you saw this heading you must have thought it was just another appeal to get your money. WRONG! It is an appeal to destroy your money.

What to do with your money after you die is a difficult decision for those who really care. If you are planning to give any money to your church, mosque, temple or another charity please reconsider. This money will probably be used in a way you would not approve of or go to people you may not like.

In June, 2006 Bill Gates and Warren Buffet announced that they would give about 60 Billion dollars to charity. I wonder how much of this will be wasted, squandered or worst of all, help the wrong people. Ninety percent, maybe even 100%. Good people are too proud to ask for help and evil people have no shame asking even if they are rich. Charity is hard to do right.

Your first priority should be your children, but only if they are good, responsible people likely to use the money in a way you would approve of. You may also search for a non-profit organization which promotes interests which you value. There are very few good organizations out there which would use the money wisely.

Money given to a church may end up going to help irresponsible people who live just like parasites on the good will of society. Money given to schools and research foundations will more than likely be wasted as well. These groups are very ineffective and some exist only to provide employment for their leaders.

You could make more of an impact if your will listed instructions for destroying your wealth. This would send a strong message.

For maximum effect your estate attorney could invite a group of charity officials to the decedents home. Have a nice party with expensive wines, champagne, caviar, etc. Then play a recording on your DVD player. You could appear and say that you had a hard time deciding what to do with the money in the estate. You have no children or close relatives (or none that are deserving of the money). Most charities have been infiltrated by socialists who support all the wrong causes. They do more harm to society than good. That is why you have decided to destroy your wealth. Explain that the house will be bulldozed, the cars will be crushed and sold for scrap metal, the furniture will be cut into pieces and given away as fire wood. You could even hire a few guys with a chainsaw to remove furniture and cut it outside during the reading of the will.

There are many other ideas for destroying the wealth in your estate, have fun thinking of new ideas.

Burning a pile of money would generate interest. For every dollar destroyed, you have increased the purchasing power of every other dollar in circulation. The loss is exactly countered by the equal gain of every other currency holder, leaving us with no net loss or gain to society. It might even have the same effect as giving money to the government.

The lawyer handling the estate could buy alcohol and give it to men at a homeless shelter. Imagine dozens of these gentlemen when they are drunk. How would they share their gifts? Would they fight over the last bottle.

The Personal Representative could take the money and buy a luxury car and enter it in a demolition derby. This would generate a lot of interest from the local newspapers which might do a story to explain your ideology or whatever you want to say.

But you must be careful not to have your money go to the enemy in the process. If the estate buys a car for destruction, the money will go to the owner of the car. So the instructions must be detailed enough to be sure that the car is purchased from people who you might like. You can limit this based on race, religion, or any other factor you want. I hope the civil rights laws are not yet so intrusive that they would interfere with your estate.

I recommend not buying a new car. Buying a new car will mean that a salesman gets paid, sales tax will be paid to the government, and the manufacturer and all of its employees will be paid, and then the government will collect more taxes on the corporate profit and employees' income. On the other hand, if the estate buys a used Mercedes or Ferrari none of these taxes will be paid. Only the owner of the car will get money, and if the car is destroyed soon after purchase, not even the registration fee will need to be paid. You may prefer to buy less expensive cars so that the money does not go to a rich person.

If you are interested in developing such a plan for your estate please contact the Center for Perpetual Diversity at 301 990-8983, or email us