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The 3 State Solution


Center for Perpetual Diversity
 (301) 990-8983

The Center for Perpetual Diversity (CPD) has developed a plan to achieve permanent peace in the Middle East. Our experts see the possibility that Israel will be abandoned in 10 to 20 years because it will be too costly for the United States to maintain. A March, 2009 CIA report also agrees with our prediction, saying that the trend toward a one state solution and the return of refugees will cause 2 million Israelis to leave. Furthermore, when the political influence of American Muslims exceeds that of American Jews the United States will lose the political will to support Israel and may even support the Arab states.

The International community should consider this plan very seriously because no other plan has any chance of long-term success. There are three major parts to this plan as described below.

  1. Israel would be relocated to Europe. A small token piece of territory near Jerusalem would remain under Jewish control. This piece of land would be 100% Jewish and no other people could ever live there. It would be no more than 10 square km. Its purpose is to satisfy biblical prophecy for those who interpret the Bible that way. All other land now known as Israel would become Palestine.
  2. Germany and Poland or France would give up some of their territory. The area would be about half of the land mass of Israel. This land would become the new Israel. Over time Israel would agree to pay back all of the money it received from Germans for the Holocaust and agree not to ask for any money from any nation or organization. New Israel would ultimately need to be 100% Jewish, just as the rest of Europe would need to be Christian or atheist Europeans. Non Jews living there now would be encouraged to switch places with Jews living in other parts of Europe.
  3. All Muslims, Arabs and other non-Europeans would leave Europe and never be able to return. This could be done over five to ten years to minimize impact on individuals. “Converting” to another religion (like using hair dye or plastic surgery to make superficial changes) would not permit someone to stay.

The CPD Peace Plan is the only plan that will guarantee safety for Jews and Europeans as well. If such drastic action is not taken within ten or twenty years Israel and Europe will certainly be overrun by the Muslims. By the year 2025 it will be too late to save either Israel or Europe without a major war.

Although currently hard to imagine, by the end of this century the few remaining Jews and Christians in Europe could be faced with the same dilemma which whites are facing in Zimbabwe and South Africa. This must be avoided at any cost. For more information on this grave situation I recommend reading ‘The Death of the West’ by Patrick Buchanan. Western civilization is in decline; we must retreat to a more defendable position. Canada and the United States will ultimately be lost before this trend is reversed. European governments must be convinced to act now while they still have some control over their destiny.

Please do all you can to promote this plan. Feel free to copy and distribute this to appropriate government officials.

Survey regarding this plan

  1. What should be done in Europe?
    • The plan described above or something similar
    • Return non-European people to their homeland but avoid Middle-East affairs and let Israel take care of itself
    • Continue current immigration levels with no regard for preserving the culture of Europe.

  2. How would you describe yourself?
    • European
    • Muslim
    • Jewish
    • Other