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Integration and the Left

In the United States and Europe people on the Left are generally in favor of racial integration and immigration. However in true communist countries they are not very open to these ideas. The same is true for criminal rights, gay rights, women's rights, cultural diversity, tolerance of crime and drug use, and lowering of standards. Truly communist countries don't embrace any of these ideas. You may wonder why this is.

In the 1950s and 1960s the Soviet Union funded several American Civil Rights (Black Rights) organizations. They did not do this because of their great love of Black people or because they wanted to promote social justice in America. The Soviets did it to destabilize and ultimately destroy the United States. It may take longer then expected but they may yet succeed.

Long after the Soviet Union collapsed these organizations continued and even grew stronger. Many of the staff are well intentioned fools who really believe they are doing good. But some of the top leaders are anti-American and know the harm they are doing. Try talking to some of these people, you will see.

During the brief war in Afghanistan I talked with someone at the International Action Center in Washington DC. They were against the war but offered no real solutions. I explained my plan for peace in the Middle East . When I told him that the U.S. should cut funding to Israel he agreed. When I told him the U.S. should apologize and withdraw all troops and civilians from Muslim lands, he agreed. But when I explained the third part of my plan (asking all Muslims to leave the U.S. and Europe) he vigorously objected.