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100 Reasons to Divide the United States

Racial justice is now the most important issue we face. Many of our other problems will be resolved after we achieve racial justice. There is so much divisiveness now that the only conceivable solution is to divide the United States into 4 separate and independent nations: Black, Hispanic, White and mixed.

Such a plan could start by asking each registered voter to choose which area they would want to live in. A black voter would have a choice to live in Black America or mixed America. Likewise Hispanics and Whites would get a similar choice.

 A map would be drawn with boundaries determined so that the greatest number of people will be living in the area that they prefer. However, the boundaries would not look like some ridiculous gerrymandered congressional districts that we have now. No one would be forced to move but there would be tax incentives to compensate people who move to the appropriate area.

 Now is the time for such a plan. 

Here is a partial list of benefits. I am looking for more people to add to this list. You can include personal experience or official studies or whatever fits. Please add to this list by sending an email to: Jims172003@yahoo.com

1.      It would prevent riots like the ones starting May 26, 2020 after the police killing of George Floyd. These riots happen every year but this one is the largest in many years.

2.      It would preserve human diversity.

3.      It would make people feel closer to their community.

4.      People would have less reason to live far from city centers and that would stop suburban sprawl and decrease traffic and commute times having great benefits for the environment.

5.      Police would feel more connected to their communities.

6.      Racism would end.

7.      Racial discrimination would end.

8.      Governments would not need to waste money studying the achievement gap in school performance.