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Monday, March 01, 2010

Montgomery County Council

February 28, 2010
Dear Council Members,

I attended the Action In Montgomery (AIM) meeting on February 24, 2010. It was a bit depressing to see how easily a small group of people can coerce county officials into wasting more money, even in troubled times like these. Half of these people were elderly do-gooders who grew up in a different world, but still do not understand the consequences of their activism. The other half, were people hoping to get government handouts. In 20 years the first group will be gone and the second group will be bigger. They will want further benefits from a government that will be more broke than it is today because fewer people will be able or willing to pay taxes to support the system.

Important points:

Housing programs are vulnerable to fraud. I heard a social worker explain that nobody verifies information that is put on application forms. They are essentially saying to the applicant, ‘go ahead and lie, we won’t check up on you.’ How many ‘first time homebuyers’ are really buying for the first time? I urge you to investigate how many recipients of aid told the truth. I think you will be surprised.

A person who makes $40,000 per year needs to live in a smaller home. A home which is more energy efficient (GREEN). By helping them buy or rent a bigger place you are harming the environment and causing an increase in prices. ‘Section 8’ tenants always pay much more.

Not everyone needs a college education. Society also needs carpenters, clerks, waiters and many other workers who DO NOT NEED COLLEGE.

The U.S. is transitioning from an economic super power into something else. We need to prepare ourselves for this future. I recommend a trip to Mexico, India or Cuba. That is our future, and we need to know how their system ‘works.’

I understand you want to be re-elected. So just tell voters that many programs need to be eliminated so that our county has a smaller carbon footprint.

posted by Jim 9:43 AM

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On February 13, 2010 former Congressman Jim Traficant will speak at a town hall event sponsored by American Free Press in Washington DC. All are welcome. Please contact CPD or AFP at 1 888 699-6397 if you want to attend this meeting.

posted by Jim 7:02 AM

Monday, January 11, 2010

Today the Director of the Center for Perpetual Diversity called Senator Reid's office to scold him for making an official apology to President Obama. His comments in 2008 about a 'negro dialect' do not require an apology, as they could not possibly offend anyone. As with many other public figures making awkward comments, the real trouble starts after the apology.

posted by Jim 7:16 AM

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Blind Side Movie Review

This is an unusual review; I have not seen this movie and don’t intend to. Based on the ads I have seen on TV it looks like a predictable story: White family encounters a troubled black youth. They take him in and help him learn. After some cultural issues are overcome he becomes successful and everyone lives happily ever after.

They tell us that the movie is based on a true story. What they should say is ‘don’t try this at home.’ Without this warning I am sure that somewhere in America a white family will be destroyed as a direct result of seeing this movie. It could even impact thousands of families if enough people see the movie. For the past two weeks this movie has been number two in earnings, just behind The Twilight Saga. Whites are most vulnerable because they feel the need to reach out and prove they are not racist. It is much less likely to happen to an Asian or Hispanic family.

Here is how it will happen: A family will see The Blind Side and be touched by the story. They will invite a young black man into their home for dinner. They will have an interesting evening as he entertains the family with stories of his hardships. Blacks know what whites want to hear, whether it is true or not is irrelevant. A week or two later he will come to their home again. The man will not be home. After a bit of hesitance the mother or daughter will let their new friend into the house. He will kill the young son so that the boy cannot interfere while he is raping and/or killing the woman.

This will be a true story we will not hear about. If you contact me after it happens I will try to tell your story in this publication but the mainstream media will not touch it. I hope enough people read this ‘review’ and it prevents at least one tragedy.

James Schneider, Director
Center for Perpetual Diversity

posted by Jim 12:59 PM

Friday, November 20, 2009

On Nov 19 The Director of the CPD went to a hearing in the Rayburn Congressional building to listen to arguements why immigration should be stopped and illegals should be sent home. The Center for Immigration Studies presented very good points which are especially relevant during this time of high unemployment.

posted by Jim 9:18 AM

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

November 3, 2009 I went to the Russian Cultural Center to hear Dr. Igor Panarin speak about his prediction that the United States will split up next year. I gave him a copy of my book, White Flight, and spoke with him briefly.

posted by Jim 10:32 AM

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My email to Norwegian Tourist Agency (www.visitnorway.com/us)

Your ad in 'Visit Europe' in the Washington Post was offensive to me. The picture of Martin King repulsed me. Few Americans really think he is a great man. I can help you find information on him if you are interested.

Awarding the Nobel prize to Pres. Obama was also offensive but at least it provided good material for comedians. The Nobel Committee lost much credibility.

James Schneider, director

posted by Jim 7:44 AM


July 24, 2003 letter to:
Embassy of the Republic of Ireland
Ambassador Sean O'HUIGINN
2234 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
FAX: [1] (202) 232-5993
telephone: [1] (202) 462-3939

Dear Sir:

I went on my first trip to Ireland and the UK this summer and learned a lot about the region. Belfast is a nice small town with a center that is easy to get around. It still retains its friendly character.

Dublin on the other hand is crowded and becoming like many American cities; overrun with a diverse mix of immigrants who will soon dissolve the Irishness of Dublin. The city that James Joyce described so well may soon be indistinguishable from New York, Cairo, Calcutta or even Abuja, Nigeria.

While seeing the sights in Dublin I noticed posters which said, "A united Ireland by 2016." The poster invited people to a meeting on July 3, 2003. It appeared interesting so I attended. The meeting, organized by Sinn Fein, also commemorated the death of Jackie Griffith who was shot by the British in 1943. During the question period I said that if the Republic of Ireland allowed large numbers of Asians and Africans to immigrate the people of the North might be reluctant to unify with them. The host acknowledged that this was a problem that they would need to address. But there was something wrong with the way he said it. He seemed to imply that the problem was not immigration but rather getting the Irish to accept it.

After the meeting I shared my concerns with him. I said that if immigration continued at its current pace, the Irish could soon be a minority in Ireland. I asked him if he was concerned about the future of our people. He asked me what I meant by "our people." I responded "whites or Irish." At this point he become somewhat agitated and told me that he does not care about the whites or the Irish, "the only thing that matters is that we have a socialist government in a united Ireland." At this point I realized what kind of person I was talking to and left.

Most Americans do not know that Sinn Fein is a socialist organization. We only hear that they are fighting the Protestants in the North for some reason that most Americans don't understand.

By attending that meeting I learned that Sinn Fein is a recklessly dangerous group. It favors immigration in the hope that the immigrants will vote for Sinn Fein candidates in the future. Sinn Fein leaders are too short sighted to see that this will be the greatest disaster to ever hit Ireland, far worse than the potato famine. If they have their way the Irish will be a minority in Ireland by the year 2020. Then Catholics will face even more discrimination than they allegedly face in Northern Ireland. And if there is no war to stop the immigrant invasion there may not be any real Irish in Ireland by the end of the century. The people of the North, regardless of their religious or political affiliations, will make it very clear that they will not vote to unite with a Republic of Ireland in which the Irish, and white people in general, will soon be a minority.

Socialists claim they want to help the poor and middle class. However in a diverse community, whether it is socialist or capitalist, the rich will benefit more from the short-term effects of immigration (cheap labor, increased housing prices). In the long term the rich will also be hurt as they lose political power and maybe more. Just ask any white refugee from Zimbabwe.

Please do what you can to stop non-white immigration and educate the Irish people about the dangers they face.

Sincerely July 24, 2003

May 6, 2003 letter to Bill O'Reilly after he criticized high school students for practicing freedom of association.

Dear Bill O'Reilly;

Mr. O'Reilly, you should be ashamed of yourself for wanting to deny freedom of association to those kids in Taylor County Georgia. Would you dare criticize a Blacks Only Prom? I admire the students for having the courage to do something they knew would be controversial. Last year they tried an integrated Prom and apparently learned that it was unpleasant. When will the rest of America learn this lesson?