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Center for Perpetual Diversity

Scholarship Winners

The Center for Perpetual Diversity announces the winners of its 2005 Scholarship program. Forty five students at the East Ukrainian National University submitted papers on whether or not Ukraine should enter the European Union. The winners are as follows:

First Place, 2000 Hryvnia to Anna Pekina (read her paper)

This was the best paper that mentioned French riots and noted that the rioters have acquired a French passport but not the French culture. This is the most important reason for a European nation to stay out or get out of the European Union. If Ukraine joins the EU, these people will immigrate and will eventually cause trouble just like they did in France, Holland, England and other places.

Second place, 1000 Hryvnia to Mikhailo Kolyadintsev (read his paper)

The paper mentioned terrorism and the importance of sovereignty. He pointed out that a country can have high standards without joining EU. However it was disappointing when he stated that Ukraine will have to join later. Why?

Third place, 500 Hryvnia to Andrew Strona (read his paper)

This paper makes good points for the EU using Ireland as an example. However, the Center for Perpetual Diversity believes that at first Ireland will prosper, then they will be faced with the loss of their culture as many immigrants arrive. By the middle of this century the Irish culture, which produced many great poets and writers, will be gone. Their wealth will disappear just as quickly.

James Schneider, Director
Center for Perpetual Diversity
(301) 990-8983

If you want to contribute funds to make more scholarships available please click here.