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Robert Hoy
Director of Humanitarian Activities

While attending Catholic University, Mr. Hoy became a Third Order Carmelite at The Carmelite Monastery in Washington, DC.  Mr. Hoy began his career as a news photographer for the Washington Post and The Washington Star which is now know as the Washington Times.  The byline “Photo by Hoy” appeared in major newspapers and often in national publications such as Life Magazine and LOOK Magazine. 

Robert Hoy

During these years Robert also served in the United States Army Reserve.  On one special assignment he worked in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam through the United States Army as a Communications Technical Adviser.  To broaden his experience, Mr. Hoy worked a year in Australia in off-shore crude oil and natural gas exploration.  He also served in Europe as a photo-correspondent for the Associated Press. Mr. Hoy is also involved in national politics.  His work with President Ronald Reagan has been chronicled in the The New Right Papers published by St. Martins Press, New York 1984.  Copies are available upon request.

Mr. Hoy was offered an opportunity to go to Moscow in the winter of 1990 to begin to understand a country that was in transition from communism to democracy and a free market economy.  He arranged travel for over 100 Americans to learn about the economy, culture, and investment opportunities in Russia. 

Since 1990, Mr. Hoy has delivered aid to orphans in Russia, Ukraine, and most recently in Belarus.  His Excellency Yuri Lushzkov, the Mayor of Moscow has publicly commended Mr. Hoy for his decades of dedication to the needs of orphaned children in the Moscow region.  The mayor has offered assistance to Mr. Hoy’s efforts. Mr. Hoy travels annually to Eastern Europe and Russia to help the children of these countries.