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Center for Perpetual Diversity
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CPD Position on Immigration

The Center for Perpetual Diversity (CPD) recognizes the need to resolve the current immigration situation. It will only get worse if we do nothing, but it will get far worse if the US takes the wrong action as it seems our leaders are about to do.


The CPD is against amnesty because it implies that today's lawbreakers will someday be forgiven and the laws of the land are irrelevant.


The CPD can accept a guest worker program if the following 4 conditions are met. 1. Guest workers can NEVER become US citizens, even if they marry an American or give birth in the US. 2. The guest worker must return to their homeland after two years and can not come back for 2 years. 3. Illegal aliens now in our country will be given 12 months to register as guest workers. 4. Guest workers will need to pay taxes and get insurance and not get any special benefits.

There is a real possibility that few aliens will take advantage of this 12-month grace period, because nobody takes US laws seriously anymore. The US must be prepared to round up and deport 10 to 20 million people not in compliance. Doing so will make people respect authority once again. It will not be easy.

Of course the U.S. must protect its borders to guard against illegal entry in the future.

This is an excellent compromise, which traditional patriotic Americans as well as left wing fanatics and even some illegal aliens will approve of. Feel free to copy and distribute this to appropriate government officials.

James Schneider, Director
The Center for Perpetual Diversity