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Letter to G. Gordon Liddy

Americans for Self-Determination
Box 905
Arlington VA 22216


Dear Mr. Liddy;

Your being taken off the air at WJFK comes as no surprise to us. We saw you as merely being a conservative decoy. The liberal media allowed you to stay on the air just to mislead people who want to be conservatives. However when ratings got too low, it was no longer worth it to them.

Most of your listeners disagree with you on the 2 most important issues (race and Israel). Your support of race mixing despite the fact that most conservatives are against it cost you the loyal support you need to remain popular. Your refusal to denounce the terrorist, fascist state of Israel does not offend us, but insisting that they are a valuable alley instead of a treacherous parasite is absurd. It is obvious that they have a great deal of control over our political leaders as well as media personalities like you.

If you want to make an important impact and be remembered as a great man you must quickly make certain changes while you still have an audience. Most important; speak out in favor of white people's right to segregation. Segregation is not wrong, it should be our right to live in a neighborhood where we feel comfortable. You should also state that you are in favor of black reparations. Then explain that the best way to compensate for injustices suffered by the blacks is to repatriate them to their homeland and help them resettle.

Furthermore, the survival of Israel and the U.S. may depend upon segregation. The only way Israel can survive as a Jewish state is if they give up some territory to create a separate state for Palestinians and force all non-Jews to move there. The remaining territory of Israel would be smaller but 100% Jewish and therefore free of ethnic conflict.

These bold ideas will bring much attention to your show. You might be fired by a few cowardly program directors but it will be worth it. Not only will you have higher ratings with the stations good enough to keep you but your listeners will truly admire you. Making compromises just to stay on the air is not worth it.

August 29, 2001


Assistant Director