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Mission Statement

Native Europeans are in grave danger of becoming extinct in the future. Actual extinction may still be hundreds of years away, but the point of no return may be reached in the next 10 years. If nothing is done, soon it will be too late.

Twenty-seven million dollars was spent to save the leaning tower of Pisa. Much more is spent on all the other historical buildings and monuments of Europe. But nothing is spent to save the culture that built them. When European Christians are overrun in Europe and become a small minority in their homeland, their important accomplishments will all deteriorate along with the society they built. Now is the time to save it. No price is too high to SAVE EUROPE.

Our goal is to educate people about this pending tragedy to ensure the survival of European ethnic diversity for the benefit of future generations.

Europeans have survived many invasions and plagues over the past 2000 years which killed millions of people. But now that we have such great technology which makes our lives so easy, we face the greatest threat ever due to a low birth rate and immigration. These issues are very easy to solve but greedy corporate executives and cowardly political leaders refuse to take action.

The desire for cheap labor makes immigration the greatest threat to European people. The major cities of Western Europe have already seen a loss of their identity. London is no longer an English city. It has lost its culture and become almost like New York, Calcutta or Cairo. Sadly this same loss of identity is happening in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and many other cities. This will spread throughout Western Europe.

Eastern Europe still retains its culture and unique character. Visiting the countries of Eastern Europe is much more interesting and enjoyable. But they will be next in line to lose their character as they get sucked into the European Union with hopes of instant wealth.

Our mission is to stop this calamity. We focus on Europe because there is not enough political will to keep a majority of European people in North America. Furthermore, our numbers are declining so fast that it is impractical to continue to hold so much territory. It may be time to consider moving to Europe. Several people I know have already done it or are planning to soon.

Our goal is to stop the loss of our culture. We encourage everyone to be active and do all that is possible. The epic novel, White Flight, shows how easy it is to stop racism and reverse the trend toward cultural homogenization. White Flight can be ordered from Amazon.com or through the address given on the link on this web site.